Quality Assurancess


At RailBhojan, We strive towards excellence in branding and quality assurance. This is the prime priority that inhibits in our firm which keeps our customers engaged for long time.

We inculcate a serious check of every possible ways to produce the best quality for our customers at often regular intervals. We also do provide the varied variety of food of your choice, where ever you are, at whatever the time it is. Because, at the end all we want is, our customers get a satisfied and happy meals.

As assuring our priority, we choose the restaurants very carefully and have a core check at regular intervals.

We have a few listed criterion to shortlist restaurants:


1) The restaurant is a popular in the locality with good reviews.

2) The restaurant acquire a food licence.

3) The sanitation and food taste is favourable.

4) Good quality Packaging.

We also would be seeking regular feedback from you, in the form of email, sms satisfaction codes and surveys. We’ll use that feedback to chunk services or improve the quality and minimize the faults. If any RailBhojan outlet consistently receives negative feedback, it will be removed from our system, and in severe cases, black-listed permanently.

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